By default first post in WordPress is named "Hello World!".
I wanted to delete it and then I realized that actually it is a perfect way to start the blog about a programming.

Every developer runs into various problems on a daily basis.
This blog is an attempt to document all interesting problems I run into and show a solutions for that class of problems. As a result I won't post regularly but whenever I find something worth writing about or when I consider the solution might be useful for others. Probably the blog will be language-agnostic as I like to try new things and I use various technologies both during my studies and at work.

I wish this blog was kind of a case study and that is my target. Unfortunately I'm not a writer.
Writing down each word is a huge effort for me, therefore this blog will be quite concise. I'll write as little as possible to introduce a problem and explain the solution. However, I hope all my examples will be lucid and useful for readers so every programmer could move on with a problem which is bugging him or a short note will open your mind for new ideas.
Hopefully the briefness of the posts will be a virtue for most programmers.

I'll try to link up all my posts with github repository so examples could be cloned and run immediately! If possible, I'll provide a working demo.

Finally, if you like my post or you think you can do it better, leave a comment!
So, Hello World! This is my first post!